Jesus Centered – Focusing on Jesus in a Distracted World

In our Amazon-Prime, short-attention-span culture, we can quickly lose focus on what matters most. It’s also easy to lose focus on who matters most: Jesus. Distractions can fill our days, but they won’t transform our lives. The path to transformation starts with a fresh wonder of Jesus. (Also available in Spanish)

Jesus Centered Book
Jesus Centered Book

You’ll enjoy Steve’s personal stories, biblical insights and practical strategies as he equips you with inspiration and tools to throw off distractions and keep your eyes on Jesus by adopting his character and priorities as your own. Jesus Centered will help you be captivated afresh by Jesus and discover proven practices to center your life and leadership on the One who matters most.

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If you, like I, are a Christian leader who is somewhat to very ADHD, you will love Steve Brown’s core message: Focus! He takes us to the foundation of our relationship with Jesus, helping us to learn from Jesus, the master leader and teacher, and then challenges and coaches us in actually leading lost people to Jesus. Read every chapter, ask every question, pray every prayer...twice! Your family, your neighbours and your church will see the impact and be drawn to Jesus. Dave Brereton, International Director, Youth for Christ International
Those committed to Jesus-centered living and leading find themselves confronted daily by the weapons of mass-distraction. Steve Brown provides encouragement and practical instruction to find and hold focus, eyes fixed on the author and perfector of our faith: Jesus! Commissioner Floyd J. Tidd, Territorial Commander for Canada and Bermuda, The Salvation Army
This powerful, poignant, and immensely practical book will help you fall in love with Jesus again and rediscover the sheer wonder and joy of your calling! Ken Shigematsu, Bestselling Author of Survival Guide for the Soul

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